Your Sound to a New Level

We Help Turn your Trap/Rap and R&B song Ideas Into Fully Polished Records.

Your Sound to a New Level

Turn your Trap/Rap and R&B song Ideas Into Fully Polished Records.



Make it sound right! Feel confident recording with an experienced engineer, using industry standard equipment to capture your sound and achieve the highest quality recording possible.


With countless songs being released every week, stand out from the rest and Mix & Edit your 2Track or Full Instrumental mix with your vocals to get that polished sound you hear in other commercial records.


Enhance the final elements of your song such as tonal balance and loudness to ensure that your mix translates well between different playback systems giving your song that finished commercial sound.


 Videos to songs recorded here at Goobsters Room

Recent Projects

By: Devincii
Come and Go
By: Delgod
By: DazedKevin
By: Crippled Mane
Zeke Custom
By: Zeke Magazine
The Only One
By: Jame$on ft. Hollow (Prod. by LEX)

Why Goobsters Room?

When creating music it’s important to keep in mind that every step of production counts. So when it comes to Recording, Mixing, or Mastering you want to make sure that you have you have all the tools and knowledge at your disposal to get every step right.

This could be the difference between popping off, being taken seriously as an artist, or moving forward in your music career. 

With new music coming out everyday, artists are hurting themselves by releasing poorly produced songs. 

You could witness how poor production hurts an artists credibility and could lead to low streams, sales, and engagement.

You don’t want to hear someone saying your music could sound better or “why does your song sound like that” knowing that they’re referring to the poor production. 

With a song produced at Goobsters Room you will create credibility as an artist. Get quality sound that competes with other commercial releases. 

Achieve success, and move forward in your career. 


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